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  Fry Street Quartet with climate physicist Rob Davies

    "The robust, young Fry Street Quartet was a triumph of ensemble playing."
    New York Times

    "technical precision and scorching spontaneity"
    Strad Magazine

    "Equally at home in the classic repertoire of Mozart and Beethoven or contemporary music"
    Palm Beach Daily News

    "[The quartet] inhabited the works, playing with a unified sense of articulation, blend and knowledge of the music's dramatic keystones, nuanced subtleties and thrilling climaxes."
    Salt Lake Tribune

    "[a] recital that spoke of precision, preparation, excitement, profound heritage, and ultimate satisfaction. This exaltation of individually superb instrumentalists showed what riches are to be had through the conjunction of forces in unity."
    New York Concert Review

    "The Quartet demonstrated their near-perfect technical abilities, produced a beautiful tone quality, blend, and a tight knit and sensitive ensemble delivery."
    Hickory News

    "Fry Street's performance contained elegance and that wonderful chemistry that makes chamber music magical. They have a combination of musical maturity and charisma. The Fry Street Quartet has a capacity for both a lot of energy and also a lot of poetry."
    South Bend Tribune

    "The Fry Street's performance was electric, holding the audience in rapt attention at every moment.the group filled the score with an understanding and emotion rarely seen in performers so young."
    Yellow Springs News

    "....the FSQ captured the transcendent beauty of the music with its expressive and poetic reading. They brought spirituality to their interpretation and made it a profoundly moving and utterly spellbinding experience that left the audience enthralled by its eloquence."
    Deseret News

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